A Paragraph – week 5…

Module 1 Writing Activity

Pick one of the four topics listed in the Week 5 writing assignment and choose the topic that most appeals to you for your final, peer reviewed paragraph. Once you’ve made your choice, start with the first step of the writing process, inventing, and try a few of the methods to develop your ideas.  If you find that the topic does not seem to be working, try developing another topic. Once you’ve developed some good ideas for your paragraph, move to the second step, organizing, and construct an outline that you can use for drafting your paragraph.


Choose one of the following four topics to write your final paragraph about:

Topic #1
Discuss at least four (4) short term and/or long term effects that finishing Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade will have upon you personally, academically, and/or professionally.


  1. Four short and/or long term effects that finishing Crafting an Effective Writer:  Tools of the Trade will have upon me personally, academically, and/or professionally are, among other things, a sense of accomplishment, an improved sense of self-esteem, a confidence which will allow me to trust my ability to write, and faith in my ability to take others on any journey I care to write about.
  2. It has proved quite difficult to select just four positive, ongoing effects.
  3. I have always enjoyed the writings of others; and also always felt that I should be able to achieve the outcomes I see other writers achieve.
  4. It doesn’t matter if the written work is a complex letter, a report, or a book.
  5. The overall impression is of a skill I can share.
  6. Yet my efforts more often failed to result in the sort of finished products others achieved.
  7. I have a reasonably extensive vocabulary.
  8. I have reasonable communication skills generally.
  9. Why then, have my efforts failed to satisfy me?
  10. Perhaps it is because I have tended to use too few words to fill out my sentences, or because I have failed to understand what a sentence needs to contain to captivate a reader and cause said reader to want to continue reading.
  11. Perhaps I have failed to consider what information my audience would like to receive, or how my audience would prefer to have any information presented.
  12. Or might I have presented my chosen information to audiences who simply did not wish to read it?
  13. I feel the skill to write effectively is a learned skill.
  14. Put an apprentice carpenter and a master carpenter in the same room with the same tools and invite both to attempt the same task, and the likelihood is you will see two very different end results.
  15. There will always be those with an intuitive natural ability to produce wonderful pieces using their chosen medium be it writing or working with wood; but learning any skill from a teacher of the craft has, logically, to be a beneficial thing to do.

Module 2 – disadvantages to the place I live

Module 2 Writing Activity

In your journal, discuss any disadvantages to the place where you live and continue your sentence practice with noun and verb phrases. Write at least one of each of the noun phrases discussed in the unit (prepositional phrase, absolute phrase, and appositive phrase) and at least two of each of the verb phrases (infinitive phrase and participial phrase). You will, therefore, write at least seven sentences for this journal activity. As in the first assignment, underline the phrase in each sentence and consider its function in both as a modifier and an aspect of your writing style.

…disadvantages to the place where I live


Prepositional Noun Phrase

  1. From my garden I can see the neighbouring gardens.

Absolute Noun Phrase

  1. Wings beating steadily, the wasps weave their way to the nest.

Appositive Noun Phrase

  1. The neighbour, a bombastic arse, demanded the fence be replaced even though the existing one was still sound; albeit old.

Infinite Verb Phrases

  1. To prune till the shrub looked neat she frequently had to stand back and review her work.
  2. Frequently standing back to review her work, she pruned till the plant looked neat.

Participle Verb Phrases

  1. Hopping till she reached the steps, she sat to examine the painful ant bite.
  2. Angered by her neighbour’s arrogant stand, she determined to challenge his intentions.

Adjective and Adverbial Clauses

For this journal entry, discuss some of the advantages of the place where you live. Using the lists associated with each of these types of clauses, write at least three (3) sentences including adjective clauses and three (3) sentences including adverbial clauses. Underline the adjective and adverbial clauses.

Adjective clauses:

  1. I live in a beautiful suburb of Melbourne Australia where I can enjoy lots of sunny days.
  2. The weather is at its best in spring and autumn when it is neither too hot nor too cold.
  3. With so many amenities it has proved a great place in which to raise a family.

Adverbial clauses:

  1. There are trees on most nature strips in Melbourne although many are not native to Australia.
  2. The wildlife here is interesting wherever one chooses to look.
  3. I have a lot of good friends close by and we often spend time together.

Week 3 assignment

Observe a scene where people are interacting.

Write 5-6 sentences describing this scene and underline the subjects of your sentences.

Write a few sentences experimenting with using different types of pronouns from the tables in Unit 3.


Journal writing 1

At the shopping centre food court:

  1. Everybody appears to use their cutlery slightly differently.
  2. Anyone can see children quickly become restless sitting at the table
  3. There are some lovely aromas emanating from the food vendors.
  4. I purchased some Chicken Tikka and some Naan bread from them.
  5. I don’t care to stay here too long because someone else might need the table.
  6. Now to remember where I left my car… I wish they had valet parking.

Journal writing 2

    • People in food courts seem to be noisy.
    • Children appear to tantrum when they are frustrated.
    • These delightful aromas make me hungry and I want to eat.
    • The vendors sell me some Chicken Tikka and Naan bread.
    • I feel I should not linger at this table as someone else might want to use it.
    • I cannot find my car – it must be here somewhere…

Crafting An Effective Writer – Coursera Week 2

Module 1 Writing Activity

In your journal, write down a list of at least five to ten nouns and five to ten adjectives as you observe a scene at home, work, or in your community.

1.  Glass – filled

2.  Desk – cluttered

3.  Phone – silent

4.  Paperweight – pretty

5.  Printer – off