Module 2 – disadvantages to the place I live

Module 2 Writing Activity

In your journal, discuss any disadvantages to the place where you live and continue your sentence practice with noun and verb phrases. Write at least one of each of the noun phrases discussed in the unit (prepositional phrase, absolute phrase, and appositive phrase) and at least two of each of the verb phrases (infinitive phrase and participial phrase). You will, therefore, write at least seven sentences for this journal activity. As in the first assignment, underline the phrase in each sentence and consider its function in both as a modifier and an aspect of your writing style.

…disadvantages to the place where I live


Prepositional Noun Phrase

  1. From my garden I can see the neighbouring gardens.

Absolute Noun Phrase

  1. Wings beating steadily, the wasps weave their way to the nest.

Appositive Noun Phrase

  1. The neighbour, a bombastic arse, demanded the fence be replaced even though the existing one was still sound; albeit old.

Infinite Verb Phrases

  1. To prune till the shrub looked neat she frequently had to stand back and review her work.
  2. Frequently standing back to review her work, she pruned till the plant looked neat.

Participle Verb Phrases

  1. Hopping till she reached the steps, she sat to examine the painful ant bite.
  2. Angered by her neighbour’s arrogant stand, she determined to challenge his intentions.

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